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and wellbeing

If you need physical, emotional or practical support, I’m a guide for the journey
Would you like to move your body in a more easeful and nourishing way, bring in mindfulness to your everyday life and prioritise the things that matter to you? Would you like to feel more resourced and resilient? If so, I can help.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are live-streaming classes via Zoom.


& Psychotherapy
Attend to your inner journey in a safe and supportive environment with professional counselling for individuals and couples...
Breath-based Hatha Yoga
Embrace a gentle restorative practice in a nurturing environment that brings strength and vitality...
Chair Yoga for Seniors 
Safely improve strength and flexibility, wellness and ease in friendly chair-based sessions...
Mindfulness Meditation 
Learn to be in the present moment, to cultivate calmness, wellbeing and peace of mind...
Private Care
Enjoy a safe pair of hands to care for you or a loved one with household management, transport, companionship, appointments and advocacy...
Hello and thank you for visiting
I’m a qualified and experienced counsellor and psychotherapist, yoga and mindfulness meditation teacher, and private carer

Using a combination of therapeutic modalities, my aim is to support you physically, emotionally and in a soulful yet practical way to bring about deeper insight, meaning and wellness.


Committed to the principles of self-compassion, kindness, respect, generosity, trust and responsibility, I believe actions matter, I believe in healthy choices and holding to integrity with humour and grace.


I can help you with:


  • Restoring balance in the mindbody system

  • Grief, loss and disappointment

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • More meaningful relationships

  • Relief from painful emotions

  • Developing resources and strategies

  • General wellbeing & equanimity

  • Work life balance, values & meaning

  • Pain management


A special lady who’s helped me cope with life in a more positive way

“For over 10 years my yoga sessions with Dyan have been a not-to-be-missed part of my week. Dyan is a dedicated, warm and inspiring teacher – a special lady who has not only guided me in the practical areas of yoga but also in life. Her meditations and many words of wisdom have helped me cope with life in a more positive way.”

Margot, East Brighton

Would you like to feel more resourced and resilient?

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