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Counselling & psychotherapy
Support for your journey
Whatever you’re grappling with, counselling creates a safe and respectful space to explore issues and work towards new and deeper understanding, attitudes and response patterns. Using a range of modalities within a client-centred and in-depth therapy frame work, I work with individuals and couples who are open to working respectfully and systematically for change.
Is counselling & psychotherapy for me?
My therapeutic approach focuses on relationship, mindfulness, lived experience and meaning, with a belief that therapy is not about fixing something that’s broken but about teaching you to attend to the rich language of your soul. The work, which is tailored to your personal situation, is a non-judgemental exploration of self where befriending your feelings helps the development of resilience and understanding in the mindbody system.
  • In a confidential and culturally sensitive environment, attend to your inner journey in an authentic and connected way.

  • Learn to be in a relationship with the world around you, with friends, family, intimate life partner and yourself.

  • It’s important that you’re able to trust the journey that unfolds for you.

Psychotherapy & counselling pricing
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Dyan helped find me the space I needed

“Counselling with Dyan helped find me the space I needed to re-connect with my sense of self.”

Emily S, Bayside

Please note, in response to the current distancing recommendations, I’m currently seeing most clients online.

Are you open to change and curious to

uncover the answers that lie within?

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