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Mindfulness meditation classes
Steady and calm your mind to support you in your daily life

We all experience stress and times when moods and emotions are hard to deal with. But when we learn to be in the moment, we understand habits and patterns of the mind and how to bring compassion to ourselves and others. Mindfulness cultivates healing, brings relief and helps us make more informed choices in life, being more accepting, awake and aware.


In my mindfulness meditation classes and the 8 week MBSR course, I teach you to slow down and connect with yourself in a safe supported space. The simple, effective, evidence-based techniques of mindfulness meditation are accessible to anyone of any age.

Mindfulness meditation classes


Group or individual mindfulness meditation classes are for anyone who wants to learn how to feel more resourced, deal more effectively with life’s difficulties and take more from life with enthusiasm and grace.

(mindfulness-based stress reduction)

8-week structured course

Join me in a small supportive group for the secular, scientifically tested and approved MBSR course. The weekly classes and day retreat encompass a wide range of practices, techniques and latest research to bring a multitude of positive benefits.
Is mindfulness meditation for me?

Mindfulness meditation is for you if you’d like to find and cultivate:

  • More happiness, patience, acceptance and self-compassion

  • Less stress and frustration, learning to be with difficult emotions

  • More peace and profound relaxation

  • An increased sense of personal resilience and confidence

  • Ease from stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain

  • Support for emotional challenges, work and life issues

  • Support with issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, fibromyalgia, headaches and IBS

Classes & pricing
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A life changing experience

“Attending the MBSR course facilitated by Dyan was a life changing experience. She imparts a passion for holistic wellbeing which comes out in her teachings of mindfulness meditation.”

Karen, healthcare worker, Brighton

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are live-streaming classes via Zoom.

Would you like to connect with yourself

in a safe, supported space?

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